Our Home and Community

We live in a three-bedroom, bi-level house on 1.5 acres of land. Upstairs, we have a huge kitchen (we love to cook and bake), a dining room and a cozy sitting room. Downstairs, we have a living room and an entertainment area. Our house has plenty of yard space for a child to run around and play. We enjoy BBQing on the deck during the summer months and having family and friends over.

Our house is on a quiet street, our neighbors very friendly and we are not far from the town’s main area. We enjoy the peacefulness and quiet nature of our town. We live in the vicinity of three different playgrounds, a strip mall with restaurants and shops, along with our favorite ice cream shop, pizzerias, and supermarkets.

The community has alot of events for families. We enjoy going to minor league baseball games, fireworks events, food festivals, and the local county fairs. We consider our community to be a very family-friendly.

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